Tenaya Lake redux

Wide view looking east.
Funny the things you find on those remote hard drives. That's Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park, taken in October, 2010.

I shot a bunch of stuff that afternoon because the light and clouds were so great and changing quickly in the late afternoon. I always assumed this one came out best even though the dome in the middle is in the shade:

Looking east toward Polly Dome and Medicott Dome and Tenaya Peak.
Another take that's kind of interesting, with the sun beating down on those trees at right -- thus, they're a different color in the previous pics:

I'm not sure how I feel about the rock in the lake that's almost smack in the middle of the frame. I have nothing against putting things in the center of photos, but here it perhaps is a distraction.

Anyway, glad I found the pics and decided to take another crack at processing them. I shot them as jpegs and wish I had shot as RAW as you always have more flexibility in processing with RAW photos. To put it another way: if it's an image you're excited about taking, shoot RAW!

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