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Some pics from my recent visit to Lake Tahoe and surrounding area last month. Just trying some things and updating by Blue the Dog portfolio. Top four shots are my favorites and I think there may be a better way to process the second shot. I wish the clouds that developed in the last couple of days were there for the long day we spent kayaking from Sand Harbor. 

As an aside, if you want to kayak on Tahoe the absolute two must-visit places are Emerald Bay (see third to last photo above) on the California side -- you can paddle over from one of the South Lake Tahoe beaches -- and Sand Harbor on the Nevada side. As usual with anything Tahoe, keep in mind that there are some serious Asshole Motorboaters out there who will kick up some pretty big wakes. I know the local sheriff's patrol the lake, but to what effect I don't know. If I was the king, I'd prohibit the Motorfuckers from going more than 5 mph within a half-mile of shore. 

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