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Wrights Lake, revisited

Spent a few days camping at Wrights Lake, just west of the Desolation Wilderness and nearish to Lake Tahoe. The lake is on the small side, but very picturesque -- and the sunsets can be quite good, as the first photo shows. 

Nothing special up above -- doing anything original with some of these landscapes is tough -- but I really like the photo of my partner Julie and our dog Blue at the campfire. The image does a good job of capturing a moment and that's really what photography is about. 

One note: if you're visiting Wrights Lake, be sure to bring a kayak and to paddle across the lake to the inlet. Even in this year's low water, we were able to paddle up the inlet to the second bridge. The second photo from the bottom shows how narrow the inlet can be -- it's really interesting back there. 

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