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Give the gift of photography this holiday season!

Arroyo Burro sunset
This sunset took place at Arroyo Burro beach in Santa Barbara in Dec. 2013 -- perhaps the most spectacular sunset I've seen in my 21 years in Southern California. BUY IT


It's that time of year: you need to find an easy hassle-free gift for that certain someone that can be easily purchased over the internet.

My prints can be purchased as ready-to-hang. All you have to do is pick out the image you want and select a size.

I offer two easy choices:

Ready-to-hang metal prints are actually printed on aluminum with rounded corners. Here's a video showing what they look like. An 8 x 12 print is $70 and 12 x 18 is $95.

Ready-to-hang thin wraps are printed on photo paper and then wrapped around gator board. Here's a video. An 8 x 12 print is $70 and 12 x 18 is $95.

Shipping to addresses in the lower 48 typically costs $17 for three-to-five days, $24 for FedEx two-day delivery and $33 for overnight delivery.

To purchase a print, click on the link below each photo, then select "Wall Art" and then pick either the "Thin Wrap" or "Metal option."

That's it! Below are some more photos that I think make good gifts along with some information about where they were taken.

A few minutes before another great sunset, this time with entirely different light and color. The photo was taken just south of the Santa Monica Pier.  BUY IT

Oak trees, Cheeseboro Canyon in Agoura Hills. A classic Southern California landscape that was once the domain of grizzly bears, which were pushed out of the state for good in the early 1900s. BUY IT

Elephant seal pup, San Simeon, CA
Elephant seal pup, San Simeon. There are several great places to see elephant seals along Highway 1 on the California Central Coast. Bring a telephoto lens! BUY IT

Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park
Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park, autumn 2010. BUY IT

Morro Rock and Morro Bay at sunset on California's Central Coats.
Morro Rock and Morro Bay at sunset, March 2014. BUY IT

Horse in pasture near Stanley, Idaho, in the Sawtooth Mountains National Recreation Area, July 2015. BUY IT

Horse in pasture near Stanley, Idaho, in the Sawtooth Mountains National Recreation Area, July 2015. BUY IT

More pics after the jump! 

Aspens near Parker Lake, Eastern Sierra
Aspens at Parker Lake in the Eastern Sierra near June Lake, October 2015. BUY IT

Kayaker on Lake Tahoe, August 2015. BUY IT

Sunset over Wrights Lake, Eldorado National Forest
Wrights Lake at sunset, August 2015. BUY IT

Antonio Aguilar statue on Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles, Sept. 2015. Aguilar was a popular Mexican singer, songwriter and actor who passed away in 2007. BUY IT

Woman posing on Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles, Sept. 2015. BUY IT

Street mural and door, Boyle Heights in Los Angeles. July 2015. BUY IT

Skateboarder, Venice Beach in Los Angeles, May 2014. BUY IT

I am Iron Man and I am completely irrelevant. Hollywood, December 2014. BUY IT

Skateboarder, Venice Beach in Los Angeles, May 2015. BUY IT

Wild horses, Return to Freedom Sanctuary near Lompoc, California. May 2015. BUY IT


If you would like to buy a print to frame yourself, that's easy too. I sell prints in three sizes and you can choose either a lustre or metallic finish. Lustre is more of a flat finish while metallic is glossy and really makes the colors pop; I prefer metallic for most photos. 

To purchase a print, click on the BUY IT, then select "paper print" and then select the size and finish. Pricing is $11 or $13 for 8 x 12, $20 or $24 for 12 x 18 and $55 or $65 for 16 x 24. Lustre is the less expensive option.

Feel free to peruse all my photos; there may be another image that interests you more. Questions? Email me. If you're curious about purchasing a camera for a (very) loved one, most of the images above were taken with a Nikon Df. Truth be told, any of the recent crop of Nikon DSLRs and lenses can be used to make great images. 

Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays! 


The above photos are ©Steve Hymon and may not be used elsewhere without my advanced written permission. All rights reserved.

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