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Mason High School marching band in Tournament of Roses parade

Just doodling around with my camera at the Tournament of Roses parade, which passes near my house. I was going for the Americana thing with the William Mason High School marching band, which hails from the 'burbs of Cincinnati (my hometown). 

Why all pics of flag girls, you ask? Aren't you a really old dude, you ask? Well, here's the thing with marching bands: the musicians wear those funny hats, which tend to shade their eyes. The flag girls also emote a lot more than, say, a clarinet player. 

I shot these with my Nikon 70-300 telephoto lens. I probably shot a little too wide open; some more depth of field would have helped, particularly in the top image -- which has a pleasing composition. Might have been more pleasing if the three girls at right were more defined.  

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