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Radio controlled airplanes

Shot these for work yesterday at the RAC field in Irwindale -- the one you can see from the southbound 605 freeway. Not easy! Small, fast moving objects (some of these can easily fly over 100 miles per hour), safety restrictions on where you can shoot from and, therefore, people whose back is toward you. 

I shot a lot and managed to squeeze out a few decent frames. The top two are my favorites -- I'm trying to decide on which framing is better. The top photo provides less information to viewers. The shot with more of the flier hints that it's probably a radio controlled airplane. I think I like the top one better -- let the viewer figure it out! 

I'll probably pick one or two shots for a photo essay that I'm working on about the San Gabriel Valley Foothill cities to be served by the new Gold Line extension to Azusa. The entire essay will be posted on the work blog in a couple weeks -- I still have a bunch of things I need to shoot. 

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