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Road trip to Bend, Oregon

Crescent City, Oregon.
Salmon graffiti, Bend, Oregon.

North of Klamath Lake. 
Somewhere between Dorris and Weed in Northern California.
Drake Park, Bend, Oregon.

Bend's Westside. 
Garage with a ski map on it, Bend, Oregon.
North of Klamath Lake, Oregon.
Ranch north of Klamath Lake, Oregon.
Flooded field, north of Mt. Shasta, Northern California.
Bigfoot wood sculpture, Mt. Shasta City, California.
Houseboat marina on Shasta Lake.
Old Ford pickup truck, Dorris, California.
Raptor, Upper Klamath Basion.
Home in Bend, Oregon.
Deschutes River, Bend.
Painting in alley, Bend, Oregon.
Big old house in Bend. 
Highway 97 at dusk. 

California Aqueduct, San Joaquin Valley.
California Aqueduct, San Joaquin Valley.
Interstate 5, San Joaquin Valley.
Some pics from a recent trip between L.A. and Bend. Tip: some of those rest stops and scenic viewpoints on the 5 freeway in California have some pretty good views.

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