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South Los Angeles

Look for this location in a scene early in "Straight Outta Compton," although it's not in Compton -- it's Slauson Avenue in the city of L.A. 

Shot these for a series on South Los Angeles by Zocalo Public Square. The idea was to get some atmospheric shots that could accompany a lot of different types of stories. South L.A. is a huge area comprised of many communities -- I tried to find a few images that captured the gist of it that provided a look at an area that many Angelenos never visit. 

The people shots are my favorite -- although for this assignment less necessary than some of the other pics that the editors needed. That's fine. But it was great to meet a folks while shooting and create some images with them. That's the reason the first and last shots above are my favorite -- that's Mel of Mel's Bakery & Cafe on 48th Street, a few blocks east of Crenshaw. 

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