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Cincinnati skyline on a rainy day in late autumn when I was in a profoundly dark mood and needed to shoot something to avoid completely losing my shit for good

Shot these quickly after a visit to the Cincinnati Art Museum's "Kentucky Renaissance: The Lexington Camera Club and Its Community, 1954-1974." As the exhibit points out, the guys in the camera club bounced ideas off one another, experimented and shot images that are as easily as good as those of people who got a lot more famous. The exhibit closes Jan. 1 -- the photography is great and I guarantee if you like to shoot you will be deeply inspired. 

My pics above? Not quite as good although the top two aren't terrible -- although they look like something I would have shot in high school if I had been smart enough to drive to Mt. Adams with my camera (I wasn't; I was pretty much a fucking idiot back then, perhaps slightly improved since but I'll leave that up to you). 

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