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Mt. Baldy summit hike via Devil's Backbone Trail

Some heights bother me. Some don't at all -- hell, I've jumped from a plane twice. The ones that do: trails that drop off into the abyss. 

Which is the reason I've shamefully neglected to hike to the top of Mt. Baldy in the past. I heard the trail had some steep drops, thusly I avoided. 

Dumb. I finally grew a pair and walked up the other day. There was, indeed, one quarter-mile stretch I really did not like. At all. But I did it without crawling and only nominally hugging the cliff next to the trail. 

As for the hike, it's well chronicled elsewhere on the internet. I did the ski lift version and started at the Mt. Baldy notch. The first and last stretch are, as advertised, steep. I huffed and puffed. The summit was chilly. The views: smoggy. I could have picked a better day, but there are always other days. 

No epic pics. Just a few snaps above to remember a fun afternoon. I came down the ski lift as it was getting dark out (the lift runs later on Saturdays during summer and early fall) and that was pretty cool. It was a good day.

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