Work portraits

Juan Salazar, bus operator, Division 15

Sixto Valadez, Gold Line train operator, Division 21
Jose Alatorre, mechanic, Division 15

Angelica Goytia, reduced fares
Javier Contreras, title, Division 2

Oscar B. Arriola, Bus Operator, Division 15
Richard Padilla, bus operator, Division 3
Darron Daniels, service attendant, Divison 5
Dwayne Jordan, Service Steamer, Central Maintenance Facility
Jose Francisco Erazo, bus operator, Divison 15
Oscar Blane, Service Attendant, Central Maintenance Facility
Manuel Abordo, bus operator, Division 15
Christian Flores, Rail Communications Supervisor
Jason Stange, CMF Paint Shop Lead Man
Roberto Ramirez, Bus Operator, Division 1
Anthony Bryant, Bus Operator, Division 8
William Marshall, Manager Transportation Operations, Division 18
Brenda Harris, Stop-Zone/Metro Clean Leader, CMF

Leo Noya, Bus Operator, Division 8

Got a fun assignment at work: take pics of the folks who had been with the agency for 25 years. The idea was to shoot each person in their workplace.

It was certainly challenging. I had 15 to 30 minutes with most folks -- who I was meeting for the first time. I tried to keep it simple and get people posed and comfortable. 

I mostly used an off-camera flash and umbrella with an occasional second flash. I shot everything with my Nikon Df and cheapo 50mm 1.8 lens -- which I liked for its versatility and the fact that it's small, unassuming and made people a little more comfortable. I have access to a 70-200 2.8 lens, which has awesome optics but is kind of like pointing a bazooka at someone. Most people, it seems, would rather not be on the receiving end of a bazooka.

Above are some of my faves of the 40 people I shot. The whole gallery is here.

I'd absolutely love to go into some other workplaces and take pics such as this (if you're interested, email me at 

Many people take immense pride in their work even if they don't necessarily feel appreciated. Other than a work I.D. nearly all of the folks above had never been photographed doing their jobs--the ver things that has allowed them to have a life. It was also a pleasure to meet so many different colleagues and learn a little about the many jobs that keep the buses and trains running each day.


Cooper's hawk

I was standing at Huntington and this hawk flew right over my head -- I could feel breeze -- and landed right in front of me. While I had camera wipointed at nearby butterfly. Well, okay! 


Dog portrait

Houseguest and sweet, sweet boy. Just a single umbrella and flash setup with small aperture to keep the snout in focus. Trying to decide how I feel about tippy top of his left ear not being in frame. 


2018 Women's March, Los Angeles

Women's March, Los Angeles.
Women's March, Los Angeles.
Women's March, Los Angeles.
Women's March, Los Angeles.
Women's March, Los Angeles.
Women's March, Los Angeles.
Women's March, Los Angeles.
Women's March, Los Angeles.
Women's March, Los Angeles.
Women's March, Los Angeles.

Too bad the lady dressed as Offred from Handsmaid Tale was holding the coffee and food bag -- kind of takes her out of character. Grrr.


Barren oak tree in Cheeseboro Canyon

Barren tree

Kinda nice in black and white, albeit with no sunbow: 

Barren tree, black and white

Taken in Cheeseboro Canyon in Agoura Hills, a fave dog-walking and photo spot of mine when I get out that way. Some pics from last spring


Homes on hills of San Francisco

This will make a fun future picture puzzle. I'm thinking 1,000 pieces. From Bernal Heights Park. Couple other pics...

The new Salesforce Tower, much taller than the Transamerica Tower. Another view:

Bernal Heights Park, again.

Dog beach!


Stealth flyover Tournament of Roses

Not bad. Only one pass of my crib this year. There were two Stealths later in the day for the Rose Bowl game but I was in Burbank and too far to get a good shot. 


Kid pics

Friend graciously invited me to take pic of her nephew and nephew's buddy. Fun but challenging. They move quick.